Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The snow starts at the Dog Training/Foster Shack

Dr. Phil Mc Beagle  bravely fights the
winter weather to explore the many wonders
of the back yard. He chased a pesky squirrel away!
Cody with his favorite blanket getting love from Mommy.
Well, the snow is beginning to accumulate this afternoon at the Dog Training/Foster shack. The whole pack is happy that the Lovely and Awesome Shane made it home safely from work today! The roads are really slick here in north Fayette County, Georgia.  This is quite an event for us here in North and Central Georgia! It is actually pretty dangerous. I grew up in this area. Our winter frozen precipitation is much different than it is up in the northern parts of the USA. It is more dangerous because we do not have the snow removal gear that you folks up north have. It is also typically a different sort of mix than I used to see when I traveled up north on business.
Dog Training/Foster Shack 
There is generally more ice than snow on the roads here. It is really slick. I used to drive on the roads in snow and ice when I traveled to places like Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Chicago, etc. However, I stay off the roads as much as possible here during snow and ice!

Trigger in the snowy backyard.
The dogs here have thus far had mixed reactions to this weather. Phil and Trigger love it! They run around and play. Phil even dug out one his outside balls from under the snow and played with it a while. The rest of the pack is not quite as thrilled with this weather. Some of them have ventured out to take care of certain unavoidable bodily functions but they are not playing like Dr. Phil and Trigger.

Those of you in North and Central Georgia, have fun with your dogs in the snow but please be careful. Remember my cautions about your dogs in this cold weather.

Stay inside, stay warm  and have fun!

Till Next Time


William Moore Canine Training
Some of my Ham Radio Antennas. Top is VHF Yagi. Underneath that is loop for Television.
The wire near the bottom is my HF longwire. No ice forming on the elements yet.... I suppose SWR
should be okay for now. Yagi is sort of leaning toward Aunt Maggie's house :)

Side Yard at Dog Training/Foster Shack
Looking toward Grandma and Grandpa's house from
Dog Training/Foster Shack

The senior pack members on the back porch observing the snow

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