Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome Foster Boy Sammy the Beagle!!!!!!

Foster Boy Sammy. This was taken just before he got his
welcome to the Foster Shack bath.
The Lovely and Awesome Shane, Cuddles the Corgi Mix, Copper the Whopper Beagle, Cody the Little Beagle, Trigger the Dapple Dachshund, Foster Boy Dr. Phil McBeagle and I welcome our newest foster pack member, Sammy the Little Beagle!
Sammy relaxing in a nice warm place inside the Dog
Training/Foster Shack

Sammy is a handsome little tri-color beagle boy. He was found wandering around outdoors near Senoia, GA. A very nice concerned man alerted Michelle Crampo of BullyWag. Inc (Canine Rescue) about little Beagle. Michelle then asked The Lovely Shane and me if we would like to foster the little beagle guy. Of course we were happy to add another little foster beagle to our pack!

Sammy was hanging out with the nice man's dogs. However, Sammy was very scared of people and would not come near us the first evening we visited the Senoia location to attempt to rescue him. We even tried to lure him with extra sharp cheddar cheese ( a beagle delicacy) and he would not come near and actually wandered into the darkness.

The next day, the nice man in Senoia called me on the phone to inform me that he had lured Sammy into a kennel. Of course, the lovely and awesome Shane and I got down there as quickly as possible! With the assistance of the nice man, we had no trouble getting little Sammy into the Awesome Mobile (Shane's car)
Sammy with his new buddy, Trigger.

Sammy was as dirty as any Beagle I have ever encountered :) . We picked him up late Saturday afternoon. We were too late to get him to a vet or shelter to have him scanned for a microchip. I will take him Monday morning to make sure that he did not accidentally become separated from his people. If he has a microchip, we will, of course, return him to his home immediately. However, unfortunately, I suspect he does not have a home.

Sammy is extremely thin. We have begun our efforts to put some weight on the little guy. I am administering Nutri-Cal. He has some appetite but not nearly as good an appetite as he should have. He does however love and I mean absolutely love sharp cheddar cheese! It is the only thing I can consistently get him to eat.

Sammy explores the back yard assisted by Foster Boy
Dr. Phil McBeagle (Phil is available for adoption)
He was very much scared of us at first. He would cower and sort of slink over every time you got near him. We are working with him and he is beginning to walk over to us and let us pet him without cowering much but, he has a great deal of anxiety and has a long way to go.

It is difficult for me to estimate Sammy's age with any level of certainty. However, I think he is either an older puppy or a young adult. He is still fairly playful and has been playing with Trigger. However he does have some tartar on his teeth which indicates the possibility that he could be an adult.

He will have to be neutered , microchipped, heart worm tested, and vaccinated soon.

There is a possibility that Sammy may have some abuse in his past. I allow this possibility because of my observation of his behavior. He is very weary of people. Well actually it is a little more than that: Initially when we approached him he would cower and try to get away (i.e. our first attempt to rescue him).
Look closely at this picture and you can
see how thin Sammy really looks. He is the beagle on the left.

It also appears that he has been in some sort of scuffle or fight with possibly another dog. He has scars on his ears and even small chunks of ear missing.

In any case, the little guy is safe now! We are going to get the weight back on him and get him proper veterinary care and then find him a forever home! So, I will keep you folks posted on his progress because one day soon he will be
Copper Whopper carefully supervising the welcoming
of our newest foster pack member from his viewing station
on the back porch.
available for adoption. He will make some lucky family a great pack addition!

If you have a dog with anxiety problems or if you just need help making your dog a polite little guy or girl, please contact me! As I always tell you, "Polite Dogs = Happy People"! Let me help you get happy today!

Till next time,


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