Thursday, January 23, 2014

It is cold outside..... bring your canine buddies inside!

Cody the little beagle relaxing on one of the dog
pillow beds at the dog training/foster shack.
We are getting some cold weather here in north Georgia (USA). According to WSB Radio ( a very reliable source for forecasts) the low tonight is going to be 13 degrees (F). I know this is not terribly cold to my friends in the northeastern USA but here in the southeast, it feels pretty cold to me! After spending 10 years of my adult life in Southern Florida (USA) I am still not acclimated to cold weather (even after 3 years or so of time back in North Georgia).

The forecast here also calls for "gusty winds". That makes it feel even colder. It is not just us humans who feel cold in this weather. Our canine friends are not used to it either!

These extreme temperatures and gusty winds are dangerous for them as well!

I understand that some of my readers (unlike myself and the Lovely Shane) do not keep their dogs in the house. I ask you all to please bring your little buddies in on nights like tonight!

Also, a word of caution to those of you who, like the Lovely Shane and I, have fenced back yards and let your dogs out from time to time: Please make sure all of your little buddies come back in the house when you open the door and let them in! I know this sounds like a no-brainer but it is easy to forget one of them!
Cody and some of the pack exploring the back yard
in much milder weather.

Our little beagle Cody loves to roam around in the backyard! He has a great time out there! Yesterday afternoon, I let our pack out in the backyard to play. I kept my eye on them checking on them frequently. After about twenty minutes of playtime, I let them back in the house making them wait at the door until I gave them the "okay" phrase to come across the doorway. Somehow, I neglected to let Cody back in the house. The Lovely Shane and I went out to run an errand and did not return for about an hour. It was then that I realized that little Cody was still outside. I felt terrible! I had missed him altogether at the door. He was shivering all over. I let him back in and The Lovely Shane and I put him on our bed and covered him in blankets. He was okay shortly after that. But, had the weather been colder or the time he was outside longer, he could have been hurt.

Now we have begun doing a dog count after they all come in to make certain that all of the pack is safe inside the shack! I urge you to do the same thing! I know that not all of you have as many dogs as we do here (right now , counting fosters we are at 5... sometimes we have 6) but please make sure the whole pack is safe!
It could be worse... this is a snow plow in Denver.
I got caught in a storm like this between Denver and
Cheyenne once when I was a business traveler (many
years ago )

Stay warm and remember if you need help making your little guy or girl a polite dog, please contact me! I always tell you, "Polite Dogs = Happy People", let me help you get happy today!

Till next time


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