Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Adventures of Dr. Phil McBeagle

Who could not love that face!
The Lovely Shane and I are happy to report that Dr. Phil is progressing nicely here at the Dog Training/Foster Shack!

He is now current on all his vaccinations. He has been heart worm tested and is heart worm negative. He has a cool new microchip. He has been neutered. It has been an eventful couple of weeks for this handsome Beagle.

As I mentioned earlier, he is now on the Copper Whopper diet and exercise plan. I think he is starting to lose a little weight and he is looking good.

He has been to the Saturday afternoon adoption events at Petco in Peachtree City, Georgia a couple of times now. He does very well there. He does not like to be in a crate or a x-pen though. He barks and howls in an attempt to get people to pet him. He stays with me on the leash and loves it! He loves all the attention from people in the store.

Dr. Phil is making good progress in his training as well. He is no longer afraid of doorways. He has learned the sit and down commands. We are now working on the leave it command and on waiting at doorways. He is getting much better at walking on the leash as well!
Dr. Phil enjoying some quality time with Cody and Trigger

As is common with Beagles and Hounds in general, Dr. Phil is very much ruled by his nose. Feeding times seem to be his favorite times of the day! We feed him twice a day as we do with the rest of our pack. He tends to guard his food. We are working with him to address this negative behavior. I think his previous people may have been feeding him three times a day. When he first got here, he followed be around giving me expectant looks around lunch time :) . 

Dr. Phil is a sweet little guy and would make a great addition to your pack! He is very quickly becoming a well behaved and polite little guy. As I tell you frequently, polite dogs = happy people. Dr. Phil will make someone very happy :).
Dr. Phil and his new buddy Copper the Whopper Beagle

If your dog is not as polite as you would like, please contact me at any time! There is hope!

Also, if you would like to add a dog to your pack, please consider adoption! Contact me for more information on Dr. Phil or for the names of some great rescue groups!

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