Monday, June 10, 2013

The Local Heroes of Dog Rescue

I have been promising for a while to write a blog entry about some of my friends at the local canine rescue agencies. In the title, I call these people heroes. To the dogs that they help, and to me, they really are heroes.
These people volunteer their time to help provide forever homes for some of God's most innocent and precious creatures. In most cases, they literally save these dogs lives by removing them from local animal shelters before the dogs are euthanized. These wonderful volunteers, the foster parents, open their homes to these dogs until they are adopted.

These heroes work many hours on the weekends at various events around town (pet stores, etc.) to show these beautiful animals to potential adoptive parents. In addition to that, they constantly are raising funds to provide food and other essentials for the animals that are in their care.

During my time working at Petco in Peactree City, GA, I was blessed to meet a few of these wonderful heroes. I hesitate to mention names because I know I will leave many good people out. I will tell you about a couple of them here. My apologies to the others that I do not mention. I am sure that I will have occasion to write about your work in the future.

Based in Douglasville, GA ,BullyWag is a organization dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and finding them forever homes. They concentrate primarily on Pit Bull Breeds. Michelle Crampo brings a van load of dogs to Petco in Peachtree City every Saturday.She fosters many of these guys in her home. Many of these dogs find their forever homes as a result of the work that she does. She also has a soft spot for Beagles and Great Pyrenees. I adopted Copper from Michelle in January 2013. He has been a great addition to our pack! You can meet this hero on almost any Saturday afternoon at the Petco in Peachtree City. She will be more than happy to help you select the perfect dog for you and help you provide a forever home to one of these beautiful dogs!

Southern Crescent Canine Rescue
Based in Milner, GA Southern Crescent Canine Rescue saves the lives of many dogs and finds them forever homes.

Sandra Bray and Lew are two of the heroes at Southern Crescent Canine Rescue. They both do great work fostering dogs in their homes and almost every Saturday you can find them at Petco in Peachtree City.

Southern Crescent has a great variety of breeds of dogs.  Sandra and Lew and any of their volunteers are always happy to help you find the perfect little guy or girl for your family!

As always, if you are looking for an addition to your pack, I strongly recommend both of these organizations. If you are outside the Fayette County/ South Metro Atlanta Area, check Petfinder to find a rescue group near you!

Once you choose a little guy or girl to add to your pack, I will be happy to provide you with guidance on transitioning him/her to your home. I will also be happy to help you train your new pack member to be a well behaved and polite addition to your family. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Till Next Time

William Moore
William Moore Canine Training

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