Friday, June 14, 2013

Identification Tags for your dog

I always suggest identification tags for your dogs. Even if you have a microchip,  an identification tag is a good idea. Since it is readable by a human, if the collar stays on the dog, it is a great way for someone to identify your lost dog and get him home again!

When I adopted Copper , I also worked at Petco in Peachtree City, GA. I used the fancy new tag machine to make him a really nice military style id tag. The retail cost of it was $11.00. My employee discount brought it down to about $9.00 plus tax.

I give you these prices because when we adopted cute little Cody the Beagle earlier this week, The Lovely Shane and I went to our local Wal-Mart. They have a machine that is very similar to the fancy one we had at Petco. However the identical tag only cost me $5.00 tax included.  The only difference is that the machine at Petco allows engraving on both sides of the tag and the one at Wal-Mart only allows one side engraving. This was not a big deal for us because there was plenty of room for the following to be very visible:

Cody the Beagle
I'm microchipped

The tag has the dog's name, my phone number and indicates that he is microchipped. This way in the unlikely event that my phone number is incorrect or for some reason does not work, the microchip will provide my name, address, correct phone number, etc.

If you can wait for shipping, there are even better Internet deals to available.

Our entire pack (Cuddles the Corgi Mix, Copper the Beagle, and Cody the Beagle) all now have identification tags on their collars. This gives the Lovely Shane and I a little more peace of mind.

I encourage you to get your little guys and/or girls identification tags if you do not already have them.

As always, please feel free to contact me at any time with dog training or general dog related questions.

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