Monday, June 24, 2013

Cleaning your buddy's ears

Copper is contently and comfortably sleeping on the couch under one of his favorite blankets in this picture. In order for him to be comfortable it is important that his ears are clean and healthy. Ear cleaning is an important grooming task for all dogs. It is particularly important for dogs with long floppy ears like my buddy Copper here.

I clean his ears regularly. I make it part of his bath day. After he has a bath, he gets his ears cleaned. This cleaning removes excessive wax and deters infection.

Our newest pack member, Cody came to us with a yeast infection in his ears. I suspected an infection because I detected an odor coming from his ears. The inside of the ears also looked really black and dirty. Only your Veterinarian can diagnose an ear infection. Cody's is a yeast infection. He is getting special drops in his ears twice a day for a couple of weeks in an attempt to clear up the infection. He does not mind the drops because he gets a little chunk of cheddar cheese after each cleaning.

Cleaning the ears is an easy task and only takes a few minutes.

There are many different brands of ear cleansing products available at you local pet store. They are all very similar. Remember, these are not really intended for dogs with ear infections or ear problems, they are preventive in intent. If you suspect your dog has an infection or similar problem see your veterinarian.

All you really have to do is squirt a little of the ear cleaner in the ear. I then hold the ear down and rub the ear gently near the head. Then I let the little guy shake his head and move on to the other ear.

I strongly suggest praising the dog and giving him a high value treat as a reward after the ear cleaning. This makes it a positive experience for them and makes it easier the next time.

If your dog is scratching his ears or if the ears smell funny, he likely has some sort of infection and a trip to the veterinarian is needed.

The ASPCA also has some good information on their website about ear cleaning.

Some dogs do not like to have their ears cleaned at all. If you need help getting your dog comfortable with ear cleaning or grooming please contact me. There are desensitization techniques that I can show you that will help your dog.

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