Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coming Soon... Cody the Beagle!

The Lovely Shane and I would like to announce that we are adding a new little guy to our pack. Cody is a small beagle that we are adopting from Coweta County Animal Control. Cody is a handsome tri-color, approx. 7 year old Beagle. He has a very laid back and easy going personality. He was found by animal control wandering around without a collar or identification. He has been at Animal Control since May 12 and was scheduled to be euthanized on June 12.

We went to meet him on Saturday. We could not leave without adopting this little guy! I think he wagged his little tail the whole time we were there! And, like all beagles, he loves treats! One of the guys on staff gave him a treat while we were there.

I have enjoyed raising Beagles most of my life. Now I have a real compassion for older adult Beagles. These guys and gals have a difficult time finding a home because everyone seems to want puppies. I urge you to consider adopting an older adult the next time you would like to welcome a new pack member to your home!

He is now going to the the veterinarian to get his rabies vaccine and to be micro-chipped.  Once that is done he will come home with us. We expect that to be done no later than Wednesday.

I will keep you all updated on the progress.

Again, as always, I encourage you to consider adoption when you decide to add a new dog to your pack. If you are in the Coweta County area, take a look at I also always recommend petfinder as an excellent resource

I will be posting an entry in the future about some of the wonderful local rescue organizations and their dedicated volunteers.

Till Next Time

William Moore
William Moore Canine Training

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