Friday, March 21, 2014

Updated information regarding giving pills to dogs.

Earlier, I wrote a blog post in which I mentioned the method that we use here, at the Dog Training/Foster Shack, to give dogs medication in pill form.

One of the things that I suggested in that earlier post was to hide the pill in cheese or a hot dog as an alternative to the pill pockets and similar products that are available, for a high price, at the pet stores.  I mentioned that we used block cheese and that our pack prefers extra strong cheddar. The pack still loves extra strong cheddar, as do I. However, the other day, we ran out of the block cheese and only had the pre-sliced imitation american cheese pictured above. I gave Copper his pill wrapped in this stuff and he loved it.  This stiff is a little cheaper than the block cheese and, I found that it is easier to conceal the pill in it. You can just wrap this stuff around the pill and sort of squeeze it together like play dough.

So, you may want to consider this the next time you have to give your dog a pill.

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