Thursday, March 20, 2014

Does a dog's face ever remind you of a particular person's face?

This is foster boy Biscuit. His face reminds
me of one of my father's uncles face.
This is Trigger. His face reminds me of
a cousin.
This is foster boy Charlie. His face reminds
me of an aunt.
This is Butters. His face reminds me of
an uncle.

Have you ever seen a dog and noticed a facial resemblance to a particular person? This happens to me quite frequently. The Lovely Shane thinks I am joking. It is however, true!

The collage of pictures above represent some recent examples of this phenomena. 

I saw something on Netflix recently that perhaps begins to explain this phenomena (or psychosis, if you prefer). Sometimes I watch a documentary on Netflix before I fall asleep. On this particular evening I found one produced by the Smithsonian Channel. The documentary is part of their series titled "Catching Killers". The documentary was about using skeletal remains of murder victims in an effort to catch the murderer.  It was quite interesting. There are actually folks called forensic artists who can recreate facial features very accurately from the skull of a victim. This is used in an attempt to identify remains. They do this with modeling clay applied to the skull. It is really pretty cool. Well, the forensic artist indicated that the reason this technique works so well is that people remember faces based upon patterns. Patterns that we use are made up of elements like eye spacing, size of mouth, nose size, ears, etc. This is how we recognize individuals. 

If I apply this to my odd habit of identifying a particular dog's face to that of a human that I have seen, perhaps it begins to make sense. Maybe what my irregular mind is doing is using the patterns in the faces of people I have seen previously and seeing similarities in a particular dog. This makes me feel more sane :).

So, if you ever see a dog and think, "Hey he looks like Uncle Billy Bob", or something similar, perhaps that does not indicate that you are crazy :) . I just thought you should know.

Regardless of who your dog looks like, I can help you train him to be a polite little man. So, please contact me!

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