Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do you recognize this dog?

The Awesome and Lovely Shane found this little guy on our front porch.
Before I begin writing about the little guy in the photo above, I am very happy to announce that the Awesome and Lovely Shane has completed her Master degree program!!!

I was working on sanding the floor in the living room today when the Lovely Shane arrived home from a long day at the office. Accompanying here was the cute little guy that you see in the picture. He was patiently waiting for her on our front porch. We have never seen this guy before today. We checked with the neighbors and he does not belong to any of them.

We took this new arrival that we are calling Leopold  Butters Stotch or just Butters, (yes, we enjoy South Park) to visit our friends at Flat Creek Animal Hospital. They scanned him for a microchip. It turns out he is not microchipped. He was not wearing a collar. He seems to have been cared for well by someone. He is relatively clean and his coat is soft.

The veterinarian estimates his age at about five years. He is a cute little chihuahua mix (or at least that is our best guess). He seems to be quite friendly.

We are keeping him separated from the rest of the pack because we are not sure if he has any shots.

If you recognize this little guy, please contact me! My contact information is at the bottom of this post.

If you abandoned him here, also please contact me. I will not judge you and I am not mad at you. I would just like to get his medical history and perhaps a signed surrender form.

If you are attempting to find a new home for your dog, please, please, please do not drop your dog at our house! We live on a busy highway and it is very dangerous. Also we are not equipped to handle surrendered or abandoned dogs here at home. If you need to find a new home for your dog please contact me and I will help you to find an appropriate rescue group.

Till next time

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