Friday, May 31, 2013

Visit to the vet and how to get the pup to take the pill.

Copper went to see his friends at the vet's office today. As you may remember, he has thyroid problems. They did a blood test just to make sure that the medication is working properly. I should get the results early next week.

Since he was diagnosed, I have been giving him two pills each day. If you have never given pills to a dog before, I thought that perhaps I could give a little advice here.

The problem is that dogs don't really swallow pills naturally. So, you have to be a little creative when it comes to getting the pill into the pup. Nutro makes a cool little thing under their Greenies Brand called Pill Pockets. This is basically a semi moist malleable treat that wraps around the pill.  Most dogs will eat the treat and not notice the pill. Petco sells a 3.5 ounce bag with 30 of these things in it for about $10.00.

I have found a more economical solution.
The Lovely Shane picked up the bag of cheese on the right for about $9.00. It is already cut into chunks that are about the proper size. And there is two pounds of this stuff in the bag. Copper loves this cheese. He can have a treat, Cuddles can have a treat, The Lovely Shane can have a treat and I can have a delicious cheese treat all from the same bag!

Notice to the left here, how the pill pushes easily into the chunk of cheese. Copper never knows that his is the only treat with a hidden surprise.

These chunks are really the perfect size for his pill. Block cheese works well too. But, believe it or not, the unit cost was less on the stuff already cut into chunks.

Well eventually Copper may figure out that there is a pit inside the cheese (the pill) and he will likely spit it out. Don't laugh I have had this happen with more than one Beagle over the years.

After he was diagnosed, I picked up the little gadget on the right. It is a Pill Dispenser. Years ago, I think we called these pill poppers. It works a little like a syringe. The one end has little finger like things that hold the pill in place inside the syringe. You put the syringe in the dog's mouth and push the plunger which pops the pill down the dog's throat. They do not like it. It is, however, the only way that I have found which is almost fool-proof.

Copper showed a little bit of Anxiety at the vet's office today. He was a good boy but he was just scared. I remembered something that I have suggested to many students. I am going to take him to the vet's office when he does not have an appointment and let him greet the office staff, get petted, maybe get a treat or two.... then leave. This way he does not always associate the vet's office with bad experiences (like being stuck with a needle to draw blood). I can identify with the little guy, I hate needles too! I did also assure Copper that the vet was likely not a Alien and certainly not evil... anyone who would give a dog Puperoni after a needle stick can not be evil . :)

I hope my ramblings to day may have been of some help to you.

Remember I am always available if you have questions.

Till next time


William Moore
William Moore Canine Training

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