Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome Foster Boy Charlie the Beagle!

The Lovely and Awesome Shane with our newest arrival,
Charlie the Little Beagle.

The Lovely and Awesome Shane, Cuddles the Corgi Mix, Copper the Whopper Beagle, Cody the Little Beagle, Trigger the Dapple Dachshund, Foster Boy Dr. Phil McBeagle, Foster Boy Sammy the Beagle, and I  are pleased to welcome our newest foster member, Charlie the Little Beagle to our pack!

I drove the Awesome Mobile (Shane's Car) to Animal Medical Clinic in Peachtree City, Georgia to pick up this little guy today. He has been in our pack for about four hours. 
The Awesome Mobile parked outside the shack
during a recent snow storm.

Charlie is a senior guy (I am unsure of his exact age). He looks a lot like Cody the Little Beagle. Cody says Charlie is very handsome :) . 

Charlie is recovering from pneumonia. We will have him on antibiotics for a little longer. He seems to feel pretty good and has a great appetite! He has a growth in one of his ears that needs to be taken care of after he recovers completely from the pneumonia.

After he has fully recovered, he will be available for adoption! If you are interested in adding a handsome senior beagle boy to your pack, please contact me for more information on little Charlie!

 Dr. Phil McBeagle in the Dog Training office with
a few of his pack mates in the background ( Cody ,
Copper, and Trigger)
Dr. Phil McBeagle is still available for adoption. His anxiety is much better! He is acting like a typical beagle now :) . He is fully housebroken. His training is coming along very nicely! Copper and I have been working with him. He knows sit, down, stay and leave it. He is beginning to learn the wait command (handy for proper behavior at doorways). He is also getting much better at loose leash walking! Dr. Phil is a very sweet and loyal beagle. He is going to be a very good addition to some lucky person's pack! If you are interested in Dr. Phil, please contact me!

Sammy relaxing in Cody's Basket Bed
Sammy is also making great progress! He is still on antibiotics. He is eating very well! We expect him to start gaining back his weight very soon! His anxiety is getting better. He is slowly learning that not all people will hurt him. Copper has sort of become his mentor. Copper follows him around and takes care of him. It is really neat to watch! Trigger is his playmate. They love to run and play together! As soon as he finishes the antibiotics and gets a little more weight on him, we will take him to the veterinarian to be neutered, micro chipped, heart worm tested and get his rabies vaccine. At that point he will be available for immediate adoption. We expect that to take two or three weeks. If you are interested in adding Sammy to your pack, please contact me!

Charley being visited by Sammy. Charley will be spending most
of his time in the crate until he is fully recovered.
Folks, if you are looking for a new addition to your pack, please, please, please consider adoption! There are so many of these little guys and girls who desperately want and need a forever home! We have three beautiful beagles here at the shack that really need love and attention. We love our foster guys/girls but our ultimate goal is to find them a forever home so that we can save the lives of more dogs. This is truly a life or death issue for these dogs. Were it not for volunteers at rescue groups, many of these guys/girls would be killed in shelters. Unfortunately, that is not at all an exaggeration. I wish it were not true..... but it is true.

If you have a little guy or girl with anxiety issues, as is unfortunately very common in rescue/adopted dogs, Copper and I are happy to assist you! Also if you need help getting your little guy or girl to be a polite dog, please contact me! I always tell you: "Polite Dogs = Happy People". Let me help you get happy today!

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