Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Foster Files: Foster Boy Tiny the Beagle has a new forever home! Welcome Foster Girl Gracy!

Foster Boy Tiny showing his lose leash walking skills!
The Lovely Shane and I are very pleased to inform you all that Tiny the Beagle has a brand new forever home! After visiting the veterinarian today for Neutering , shots and a cool microchip he went home with his new foster Mommy. He will be part of a two dog pack with a cute little female beagle. His name is going to now be "Copper Head" or "Copper H." for short. Copper the Whopper Beagle and I really like that new name! We already miss Tiny around the Dog Training Shack here but, we are thrilled that he now has a great forever home!

Foster Girl Gracy eating a pecan on the back porch
steps at the Dog Training Shack
The Lovely Shane, myself and the rest of the pack here welcome a new foster pack member. Her name is Gracy. She is a beautiful mixed breed girl. We think she is some sort of hound mix. She is about 8 months old. One of her hind legs never developed properly so she is unable to jump well. However, that does not really slow her down. She is a slightly active and well tempered girl. She does need housebreaking. We are working on that now. She is also learning how to properly walk on a leash and some basic obedience. Copper Whopper and the rest of the pack are enjoying helping her learn.

Gracy will be available for adoption soon!
Foster Boy Biscuit

Biscuit the Basset Mix is now with another foster who has more puppies. This will allow him to play more and work off some of his energy. Our pack was a little low energy for him. He is still available for adoption and would make a great dog for someone with other young dogs or active children.

If you are considering adding a new adopted member to your pack, please contact me at anytime!

Till Next Time

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