Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Foster File: Adventures of Tiny and Biscuit

Tiny and Biscuit playing on the back porch of the Dog Trainer Shack
I thought it prudent to give you all an update on our newest fosters, Tiny the Beagle and Biscuit the Basset Mix.

They are both good little guys!

We are not certain of Tiny's age. We think he is about a year old. He seems to be a pure Beagle. He is however very small for a Beagle. He was rescued from the Fayette County (Georgia) Shelter. It is quite possible that there was some abuse in his background. He is very shy around people but loves other dogs!

He sort of cowers and sometimes whimpers a little at loud noises or sudden movement. He does not take treats from your hand which is very unusual for a Beagle. He came to us with a cough and what we think may be a respiratory infection. He has been on antibiotic medication for almost two weeks now and the cough is much improved.
Tiny showing off his loose leash
walking skills

He is also getting better with people. He has never been violent at all, he is just scared. Once he gets used to you, he loves to sit on your lap and watch TV or just snuggle.

He is housebroken and crate trained. He has had no accidents since we got him.

He will be great for someone who does not have very young children in the house!

He is available for adoption and would really love a new forever home!

Biscuit and Trigger at play
Biscuit is also doing very well! He is about 10 months old. He is a Basset Mix. We are not sure exactly with what breeds he is mixed. I think probably Labrador and maybe bloodhound. He loves people and dogs! He is an active little guy. He loves playing with other dogs and with toys! He knows and few basic commands like sit and stay.

For the first several months of his life, Biscuit lived on a short chain in someone's backyard. He had very little human interaction and was always on the chain. As a result of this , he pulls a little on the leash when he walks. This is getting better, however.
My buddy Biscuit. I had to hold his
head still to get a non-blurred picture.

Biscuit would also love a forever home! He is a little high energy so he either needs a playmate or needs to be exercised frequently. He will make someone a great pack addition!

If you are interested in adopting Biscuit or Trigger please contact me at anytime.

Also if you have a new adopted/rescued dog and would like help training the little guy or girl to be a polite dog please contact me! Because as I always tell you, "Polite Dogs = Happy People" . Let me help you become happy today!

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