Sunday, November 17, 2013

Copper the Whopper Beagle's Thanksgiving Message

Me in the kitchen. This is my favorite room!

I am Copper the Whopper Beagle. I think the time is overdue for me to write a post for my Daddy's Blog.

Thanksgiving is approaching so I thought it appropriate to write about the things for which, I , Copper the Whopper Beagle, is thankful.

  • Being rescued from the Clayton County Shelter
My foster mommy (Michelle Crampo) rescued me from the Clayton County Shelter. I was already an adult and really needed to get out of that place. The food was okay but the other dogs were really loud and I did not get as much attention as I needed.
  • Being a foster member of my foster mommy's pack
My foster mommy took me home and I got to be in a pack with a lot of other cool dogs! I loved running around in the yard. Foster mommy had to chase me sometimes when I found a way out of the fence. I could not help myself, the scents were just so interesting and it was fun to follow the trail!

I got lots of treats and love from my foster mommy and daddy. We had a great time! The only part I did not enjoy was the small amount of time that I had to spend in a dog crate.

I often got to help with the new puppies who temporarily joined our foster pack. I really liked sniffing them and watching them play!

I am really thankful that my foster mommy rescued me! She did not come to the shelter intending to get me. But, I loved her at first sight and I think she loved me too! She was almost out of the parking lot with a pit bull buddy of mine when she came back in to get me. 

I stayed with foster mommy and daddy and my foster pack for quite sometime. It was great but I really needed a forever home!
  • Being adopted by my Daddy and Awesome, Lovely Mommy
Foster Mommy took me to Petco in Peachtree City, Georgia one Saturday  in January 2013.  I was helping her with an adoption event for me and some of my other foster buddies. We were outside the Petco store because it was a really pretty day.

I met my adopted Daddy there. He saw me and we really hit it off well. He took me for a walk and fed me some treats. I decided that I would really like to go home with him! He called my adopted Mommy and she traveled to Petco to meet me. She also fell in love with me. She is a lovely and awesome lady. Daddy, at the time, worked at Petco. He had to go back to work. Mommy took me to my new home. Foster Mommy wanted to take a look at my new home. She stopped by a little later. While we were waiting for her, I helped myself to a loaf of bread that my new Mommy apparently left out for me. It was great after I got the plastic off! Foster Mommy looked at my new home and cried a little before she left me there with my new Mommy.

Me and some of the pack enjoying the sun in the
I got to meet my new pack mate , Cuddles the Corgi mix. Cuddles was not exactly gracious but I am sure that she loved having a new adopted brother. I really loved having a forever home. Mommy and Daddy are very nice to me. We have a great time together!

Grandpa giving us treats
Daddy is a dog trainer and he taught me all sorts of cool things that I could do to get tasty treats! I learned sit, stay, down, leave it, how to wait at doorways and how to walk properly on the leash. We were so good together that he began using me as a demo dog.

I am really thankful that Mommy and Daddy adopted me! It has been great living here! I also have really awesome adopted grandparents. They live next door. I visit them often with Daddy and/or Mommy. They love petting me and have really tasty treats and a nice back yard in which to play!

Later on we adopted Cody the Little Beagle to be my brother. That has been really fun. Mommy and Daddy also now foster other dogs and I love to help with that! Recently we added another permanent member to the pack, my other adopted brother Trigger the Dapple Dachshund. It is really a lot of fun to be a member of this pack. I love my new Mommy and Daddy and my forever home! 

  • Meeting all the members of my fan club at Petco in Peachtree City, GA
I worked with my Daddy for a while at the Petco store in Peachtree City. I was his demo dog. While we worked there, I met a lot of nice people. Some were customers, some worked in grooming, some worked in other areas of the store. They were all very nice to me! Some gave me little bites of their lunch (Linda). Some gave me little pieces of bacon from breakfast (Kelley). They all loved to give me treats when I did the stuff Daddy taught me! They also talked to me and gave me treats. 

For some reason, the district manager decided that Daddy did not need a demo dog so, I was fired. That was a sad day for me and for my Daddy. But, I made some really good friends. When we go to Petco now, the people who Daddy calls my fan club are always happy to see me. I love them and am very thankful for them!
  • Going to work with my Daddy
My Daddy owns and operates a Lawn Maintenance and Handyman Business. He also now has a new dog training business. I love to go to work with him! I can not go when it is really hot outside. But when the weather is right, he takes me to work. I have a special tether that I use to keep me safe next to the trailer while he works. I like to sit there and supervise the work. I also meet a lot of customers that way. They love to pet me and give me tasty treats!
Me supervising Daddy's work.... he did okay on this job.

I also go with Daddy to Home Depot and to Lowes to buy material for jobs. I really like helping out! We meet a lot of people who like to pet me and feed me tasty treats! I sometimes just sit or lay down next to daddy while he picks out material. It is great to go on these adventures! I am really thankful that I can go to work with my Daddy!

I also help Daddy with his dog training business. If you need help please contact my Daddy. We will be glad to come work with you to teach your dogs to be polite like me. My Daddy always says " Polite Dogs = Happy People! "
  • Being a member of a really cool pack
It is really fun to be a member of my pack at my forever home! We have four permanent members ( Cuddles, Cody, Trigger and Me) and usually one or two foster members. We have a really nice fenced in backyard. We get to chase chipmunks, squirrels, and bears in the backyard (well maybe not bears).

I also like to help the foster dogs learn new commands to get treats. I help them learn where to go potty. It is a lot of fun. I am sad when the foster dogs get forever homes. I miss them but soon enough we have a new foster to help.

I am really thankful to have this cool pack at my forever home!

Daddy took me to the vet. We got some medicine for me that I take every day with a treat. It is for a thyroid problem. Since I started taking it I am feeling better than ever! I think  I am beginning to lose some weight too! You can still call me Whooper though :) .

This is a short list of the things for which I am thankful. It has been a great year for me! In January I will have been with my new Mommy and Daddy for a year. I have really loved it!

Remember if you want a new dog to be part of your pack, please consider doing what my Mommy and Daddy did and adopt or rescue a dog. Many of my buddies still need forever homes! If you need help finding a dog for adoption, please contact my Daddy at anytime!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bye for now

Copper the Whopper Beagle

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