Tuesday, October 20, 2015

After a rough few months, the Dog Trainer is back!

Dog Trainer just before back surgery
The Lovely and Awesome Shane
As many of you know, I have not been working much the last several months. I have had some pretty severe problems with nerve pain in my right leg. It turns out that the problem seems to have been a pinched nerve in my lower back. The nerve was being pinched by a ruptured disc.

After trying physical therapy and three rounds of very uncomfortable steroidal injection in the lower back, I had surgery to remove the offending disc material. The surgery was done two months ago.

I am still having some pain but it is getting better every day. I am not yet back to doing all the handyman work that I usually provide but, I am back to dog training!

The lovely and awesome Shane has been, and continues to be a big help to me!
Copper is ready for work!

Copper, my demo beagle,  is also looking forward to getting back to work! We are both ready to help you with any training issues that you may have!

If you would like Copper and I to help you train your dogs to be polite little guys and girls, please contact us!

I always say, " Polite Dogs = Happy People". Let us help you to become happy today!

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