Saturday, December 28, 2013

What to do with old Petco Polo type Shirts

Me dressed for Christmas 2012
I have heard a rumor that Petco (allegedly " the place where the healthy pets go") will be phasing out those uncomfortable polo-type shirts from their uniforms soon.

I have many friends and colleagues in the employ of Petco. As a service to all of you I thought I would give you a few helpful suggestions of ways to re-purpose these highly uncomfortable and questionably fashionable clothing items.

My Radio Station with Dust Covers almost completely in place
As you know, as of May 2013, I am no longer a Petco employee. I found a use for my almost worn out shirts. I use them as dust covers for some of my amateur
(Ham) Radio Equipment. I realize that not all of you are Ham Operators. So, I thought I would add a few suggestions that occur to me:

Cleaning rags
Grease Rags
Pot Holders
Sew up the sleeves, collar and bottom... add a hole to fuel and fill with helium or hydrogen and perhaps you could make a giant floating balloon.
My Radio Station ready for operation
Altered properly, they could be made into a dog shirt.
Toaster or kitchen appliance cozy
Dog crate liner
Stuff them with the proper filler, sew sleeves, bottom, and collar then perhaps they would make a pillow.
Sew sleeves and collar, add a handle near the bottom and make a beach bag.
Attach to the end of a mop handle and use to apply wax to floors.

I hope this has been helpful to you! If you have other creative ideas to re-purpose these things I am sure that my friends at Petco would love to read them all! Please feel free to add them to the comment section here!

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(I really hope you appreciate my attempt at humor)

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