Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy New Year and things to remember regarding your dogs this holiday.

The Lovely and Awesome Shane, Cuddles the Corgi mix, Copper the Whopper Beagle, Cody the little Beagle, Trigger the dapple Dachshund, Foster Girl Gracy ( the Georgia Gracy Hound), and Foster Boy Dr. Phil McBeagle wish you a Happy New Year!

The Lovely Shane and I will be observing southern tradition and having collard greens and blackeyed peas on New Years Day.

As I mentioned around July 4, fireworks continue to be illegal in this part of the country. However, this does not seem to stop people from firing them. This may bring out anxiety in your little guys and girls. Our little beagle, Cody is scared of fireworks. We have to try to make him more comfortable at times when they are being fired.

To make Cody more comfortable we will have distractions in the house. We will play some music or turn on the Television set to mask the offending war zone like sounds. It is also important that you not make a big deal about the fireworks. In other words remain calm. Resist the urge to say something like "poor Cody" and put your arms around him when the fireworks go off. This type of reaction makes the anxiety worse. Just ignore the fireworks. If Cody sees no reaction in us, he is likely not react either.

This may go with out mentioning but, I am going to mention it anyway: Please, please, please keep your dog inside during the fireworks. If a dog gets scared he may run off and get hurt or lost in the process.

If you need help teaching your dogs to be polite little boys and girls, please contact me at anytime! I always tell you., " Polite Dogs = Happy People". Let me help you get happy today!

Till next time


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