Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do dogs enjoy TV?

To entertain my buddy Copper and to help relieve a little of his separation anxiety, I often leave the TV on for him. He really seems to enjoy watching.

News shows seem to be his favorites although he will sit in front of anything and fall asleep eventually.

I really do believe that the modern high definition TVs are easier for the dogs to watch. I do not remember having a dog before HDTV that enjoyed watching TV.

I have always used radio and TV to provide a soothing background noise for anxious dogs while I am away but before HDTV the sound from the TV is what did the trick not the video.

I am curious if any of you have noticed a similar phenomena in your dogs.

By the way, if you have a dog with mild to moderate separation anxiety,  TV and/or radio can help sooth the dog and make him more comfortable.

If your dog is being destructive. or just loud when you are gone, contact me. Copper and I would be happy to  provide you with a great deal of help and direction.

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