Friday, December 4, 2015

Getting a puppy for Christmas??

This is a campaign that dogster ran in 2012.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post here detailing why dogs should not be given as gifts.

Having a dog in your home is a serious responsibility and I still believe that it should not be taken lightly.

I was surprised recently when I saw an article on recently titled "It’s OK to Get a Puppy for Christmas If You Agree to Do These 30 Things". I thought that perhaps my long time colleague, Annie Phenix was kidding. Especially since last year she wrote and article titled,"What Not to Give This Year for Christmas: Puppies!",  Both articles are spot on!

I suppose the point that Annie is trying to make is that you must consider that is required when you bring a dog into your home. That cute little pup will grow up. The person who owns a dog makes a commitment to care for the dog for the dog's entire lifetime.

There is great information in the two articles that Annie wrote. My earlier blog post also has some good information about what is required of dog owners.

Also, if you are considering bringing a dog into your home I suggest that you read my book, "Parents Manual for Adopted Dogs". The book will help you to welcome the dog into your home.

Remember that training is also a commitment that you have to make to a new dog. As a professional dog trainer, I do not train dogs. I train people in the proper techniques to use with their dogs. Training the dog requires a commitment from the owner. Polite Dogs = Happy People is my motto when it comes to dog training. However, to get a polite dog, the owner must work with the dog! I can show a dog owner the proper technique but, the owner must apply the techniques in a consistent manner.

If you are considering welcoming a new dog into your home or if you want to teach the dog that you already have in your home to be a Polite little guy or girl, please contact me!

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