Monday, September 16, 2013

The Foster File - Update on our foster pups

Tiny Beagle Penny
Our first foster girl
 I thought this may be a good opportunity to update you on the Dogs that the Lovely Shane and I have been fostering in our home lately.

Penny: As you may remember, Penny found a wonderful forever home with people who treat her very well (we do not use the word "spoil" :) ).

Foster Girl Lovey
While the Lovely Shane and I were on our cruise, we understand that Penny brought her new people to Petco on that Saturday to visit the groomers and the BullyWag volunteers. I understand that she is doing very well and is very happy!

After Penny found her forever people, we were blessed to foster an energetic little girl named Lovey. Lovey is a pit-bull mix. We think she is mixed with Border Collie. During the time she was with us she progressed very well. She learned to walk on a leash better (she still pulls a little). She learned all the behavioral stuff the rest of our pack knows like sit, stay, wait, leave it, etc. She is a very smart and active puppy. She is much younger and more energetic than the rest of our pack. Last Saturday, she went to a different foster home with more energetic pack mates. I am sure she is loving it! If you would like to add Lovey to your pack, she is still available and would make a great addition!

Foster Boy Whiskey
We also got to spend about a week with a wonderful little puppy named Whiskey. Whiskey is some sort of small hound mix. We think there may be some Dachshund in there. We are not certain what other breeds are in his genetics but it is something fairly small.

He loved playing with Lovey while he was with us! He also got along great with the rest of the pack! He is also a smart little guy. He was picking up very quickly on our pack's routines and already knew most of the behavioral stuff.

The really great news is that he found his forever home on Saturday! We can not wait to hear how he is doing
Foster boy Biscuit
On Saturday, we were thrilled to welcome Biscuit as the newest foster member of the pack!

Biscuit is an adorable hound mix. He is about 8 months old (I think that is close).  Not sure of his ancestry either. Some have speculated Dachshund/Basset mix. That could be accurate, but I also think there is some larger dog like a Labrador in there as well. When I watch him walk and play I am reminded of the Bloodhound. I am the only one who has noted that, however.

Biscuit is ,sadly, a former victim of neglect. He was kept outside on a short chain in the weather.  I don't think he had much human contact.

He is not anxious so far as we can tell. He is very clingy, however. He follows us around closely. We have to be careful not to accidentally step on him. He loves affection! He is truly a scent hound. He loves treats. He loves any sort of food. He fits in very well with the Beagle boys in our pack! I know I have written this about all of our fosters but, he is very smart!
Foster Boy Biscuit at rest

He knew the sit command when he first arrived. He has already learned down and we are working on leave it.

The first time I put a leash on him he almost pulled my shoulder out of the socket. He pulls hard. I think it is because he spent so much time on the chain. I have been working with him on a no-pull harness. He is learning but we still need more time to work.

If you would like to add a good little hound boy to your pack, Biscuit is certainly worth considering!

Please remember, if you are think of getting a dog to add to your pack, there are a lot of sweet little guys and girls like the ones in this post. They need homes. They need love. Contact me before you contact a breeder or pet store. I will be happy to help you find a rescued dog who would love to live with you forever!

Also, if you have a new dog and are ready to begin training to get a polite and well behaved little guy or girl, please contact me at any time!

Till Next Time

-William -

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