Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Foster File - Adventures in Fostering Penny and Lovey

This post is an update on the Fostering that the Lovely Shane and I are doing in our home (the dog training shack).

Our beautiful tiny beagle girl Penny found her forever home Saturday (August 10). I am sure that she is being well taken care of (I would write spoiled but we don't use that term). She was very happy and her new people were happy too. She will be an only dog (although she will live with a few cats). She will also have a couple of children with which to play. We were sad to see this little girl go but were happy to see her find a forever home!

This also allowed us to open our home to a new Foster girl. Lovey  is a really cute and very energetic mix breed puppy. She is about 4 months old. We think she is mixed with perhaps Border Collie, Pit Bull, and Labrador. She is a little bit of a challenge because her energy level is much higher than that of our senior guys and girl.

I have begun to work with her on loose leash walking. I must admit, for a young energetic puppy, she is progressing nicely. We have also been working with her on housebreaking and are thrilled to report that she is almost perfect in that regard!

Her recall is actually very good as well. She responds to her name and comes pretty consistently when called.

I have also taught her sit and down. We are next going to begin working on stay. She really seems to be eager to learn and Copper and Cody are helping her! I will keep you updated.

As I have mentioned many times before, if you are planning to add a new member to your pack, please, please, please consider adoption. There are so many beautiful dogs like Penny and Lovey who need forever homes.

If you need help locating a rescue group or shelter from which to adopt, please contact me. Also if you have a newly adopted guy/girl and need help training them to be polite dogs please contact me at any time!

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