Saturday, August 31, 2013

Copper, Cody, Cuddles, Foster Girl Lovey, The Lovely Shane and I wish you a happy and safe labor day !

Mommy spending quality backyard time with the pack (notice
the porch refrigerator is gone... we finally found someone to take
it home!)
I hope that you all have a wonderful labor day! I really appreciate those of you who read this blog and find it useful!

Have a lot of fun with your little guys and girls over this long holiday weekend. Please remember do not leave them unattended in your vehicle. It is really hot this time of year!
Refer to my previous blog post for more information.

Also remember to keep them safe. Keep potentially poisonous food items out of their reach. Refer to my previous blog post for more information.

Ms. Lovey and me (do you like my festive headgear?)

Cute Little Lovey

Now Copper knows how to relax!

Cody enjoying a summer day on freshly
 mowed grass in the backyard.
 If you have any questions about how to relax this weekend, just watch a Beagle. Copper and Cody know how to do it first class!

Lovey is really growing fast! If you want to add a very active member to your pack, please contact me for more information on giving this cute little girl a forever home with you!

If you find that your dogs are less than well behaved and polite this weekend, contact me. Copper and I will be happy to help you work toward having a polite dog!

We always say, "Polite Dogs.... Happy People" so, be happy :).

Mommy  spending couch time
with eldest pack members
Till Next Time


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