Monday, September 8, 2014

Effectively breaking up a dog fight.

This is Clara. She was stabbed multiple times with a pocket knife
 in an attempt to break up a dogfight. She ultimately died as a result of the injuries
The unbelievable thing is that this happened
during an adoption event at a PetSmart store in Newnan, GA

Recently,  a tragic event occurred at the Petsmart store in Newnan, GA. There has been controversy regarding the particulars of this incident and my intent with this post is not to take sides. I do not have enough information to make any judgments regarding fault in this incident.

However, I can say that the knife play was not necessary. I have worked with dogs for many years. I have broken up  fights during that time. However, I have never cut a dog with a knife (or any other instrument for that matter). In fact, the thought would have never crossed my mind!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have also never fired a gun at a dog in an attempt to break up a fight. A security guard used by Petco actually shot a dog multiple times inside a Petco store to break up a dog fight. This incident occurred a little over a year ago in Austin, Texas.

There is a correct way and many incorrect ways to break up a dog fight. I urge you as a pet parent, to please, please, please learn the correct way to avoid a dog fight and the correct method to break up a fight if a fight does occur.

The best tactic is prevention and common sense. In public, always keep your dog on leash! If your dog is aggressive, I recommend against taking him to unfamiliar surroundings such as a pet store on a weekend (when adoption events are taking place).

If your dog is not good on leash, I recommend strongly against taking him to a public place until he is trained well on the leash.

Even if your dog is not aggressive, please observe the three foot rule. Maintain a minimum of three feet of separation between your dog and other dogs. I maintain more than three feet between my dog and a dog with which I am unfamiliar. When you follow this rule, the dogs do not get close enough to fight.

Please, please, please learn the proper techniques to break up a dog fight. For more information see my previous post on the subject here: .

If you need help teaching your dog to behave properly on leash please contact me. Also, please contact me if you have questions about the proper technique to use when breaking up a dog fight.

Till next time -

William Moore
William Moore Canine Training

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